My Goodness Soups™



Create a responsive site showcasing the My Goodness Soups™ product line from Campbell’s and hooking into their store locator API.

This was a similar structure as the 1915™ development process. The biggest integration being working with the Campbell’s development team to plug into their API.

The store locator map was customized in a way where the client could pull data from a stored database but switch to live data from their API when they were ready. The contact form was forms all in one with different validation requirements for all six types of inquiry. This contact form also had to be sent to the Campbell’s API using OAuth for authentication of posting the form. Due to time constraints, some of the HTML and JS from the Campbell’s contact form had to be reused and modified to work with the new API. However, all OAuth code was hand written in PHP, translated from a .Net example provided by the Campbell’s Development team.

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