Epic Discovery:
A Summer Mountain Adventure



Create a site that showcased the possibilities of how they could turn winter ski destinations into summer mountain adventure destinations.

The original site was a one page site that was only meant to showcase how Vail Mountain could be turned into a summer destination. Over time and success of the idea however, the client wanted to integrate the same idea to two other mountains: Breckenridge and Heavenly.

So instead of a one page experience, where the content for Vail Mountain was at the forefront, the client wanted to have a four page experience. A homepage that showed each of the 3 mountains and then “slide” into the experience of whichever Mountain was chosen. Essentially, turning the one page into a secondary page of an even grander experience.

Content was similar throughout the pages, but needed to be layed out differently. Imagery would need to showcase each of the respective mountains. RequireJS was used for the initial build of the site, which made it easy for me to reorganize the content in the way the client wanted it presented. Then I used the History API to create a “sliding” animation between the home page and the secondary pages so that there was no browser refresh or a wait for content but users were still able to use the forward and back browsers buttons to “slide” back and forth between pages.

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