Dana Balicki

Create a responsive site conveying Dana's personality, professionalism and the services she offers as a Tranformational Coach.
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Anderson Cooper Timeline

Goal: Build an interactive timeline for Anderson Cooper showcasing important and memorable events throughout his life and career. The idea was to build a stronger following of Anderson fans and promote his (then) new daytime TV talk show “Anderson”. This was my first project at Telepictures and required a skill in both Design and Development. Direction and content for each of the timeline dates, as well as a great deal of image and video assets that could be used through the site, were provided. The design process started by creating a couple different style guides that accurately represented Anderson as a professional news anchor but also as someone relatable to the audience. After choosing a direction to go with, comps were made for a couple of the events in the timeline to give an idea of how content would be played out throughout each event. Development started with a standalone prototype using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There was a lot of movement asked for this project so I needed a solid way to support a transition between events that had multiple animations but didn’t bog down the browser in the process. Javascript animations were written as a module where each […]
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Goal: Create an e-commerce website showcasing handmade crochet products targeting a young female audience. The site would be an extension of a traveling shop that sets up booths at different festivals and events. It would showcase a larger product base than what might be offered at the booth and give the options of asking for custom made products that aren’t always possible at the booths. Since this was a personal project of mine, I went through the entire process myself, starting with identity design, moving on to the full site design. After researching many shopping carts, I decided to go with Magento as the features they provided aligned well with the needs of the site. Magento also gave me the ability to customize the site layout and design. The backend was understandable and importing new products was easy. Especially given that the product line changed quite often, that ease of use was essential to managing the site.
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